VBCPS Pathways Series

All throughout a student’s education, but especially here in high school, we prepare students for success after they leave our classrooms – whether their future is attending college, joining the workforce, or serving the nation with our military.

VBCPS presents 6 Multiple Pathways topics for our students and their parents
Information will be added on the dates listed below.  Click on the link for each topic/focus area to access more information.

Date Topic/Focus Area 
 October 22, 2020 Scholarships and Financial Aid - Learn about scholarships, how to apply for them, and other information by watching this video. Check out scholarships available for specific universities such as ODU, Regent, Norfolk State, and more by clicking here.
 November 19, 2020 Out-of-State Schools - Check out this video as well as these Out-of-State College Panel Questions and these Out-of-State College Contacts
 January 28, 2021 2-Year Trade Schools/Programs